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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sports, Valentines, and a Circuit Workout!

Hey there all! Hope this finds you all well.  The weather here in Iowa is dreary, soggy, and muddy...not your typical January scenario but as long as the snow stays away I will take it.  Life lately has been screaming by with basketball, wrestling, practices, volleyball for mom, volleyball for dad....but we are taking it all in stride and loving every minute.

Saturday, Coach Mom and Bubba had another basketball tournament.  The boys played hard and we got 4th place.  All the games we lost were by 4 or less points.  Our defense really improved this weekend and it is fun to see them keep improving each game.

 Sunday was spent in the gym with Bubba and BigE wrestling.  Big E was a monster and did awesome at his first meet.  I bought them new head gear and I think he has worn it ever since:)  Bubba did great too, the individuality of wrestling is a hard thing for him...he is learning alot and does well but I am not sure if wrestling will be his thing(this basketball mom does not mind at all....all jokes aside, we just want him to have fun and enjoy sports and whatever he decides to work hard at it)

Posted another workout or two on my facebook group page...

I am loving the Beautycounter Valentine's Day Duo and the response it is getting.  This lip gloss is my absolute favorite. Moisturizing, shine, and such a great color.  They are selling out pretty quick so grab one here before they are gone.  

 The boys and I watching our Hawekeyes play some basketball, we were sending the free throw shooter "miss vibes" during his shots...
 We have been on a SORRY kick these past couple of weeks.  I finally won for the first time the other night.  I get all my guys right where I want them and then can't get the cards I need......
That about covers it for right now. Stink Eye sister #1 is getting a lot of snow in our hometown right now and I don't think they are having school today.  At the rate they are going, she is going to be in school until June....HA!

What is your favorite board game?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Highs and Lows

Welcome first real post of 2017.  I follow some bloggers who do High Low points of their weekend and I thought I would do the same...


Our 4th Grade AAU basketball team won their tournament on Saturday....it was not easy and after the first game I thought it was going to be a long day but these boys battled back and won the trophy. Their faces after that buzzer went off were priceless and I am so happy for them.

 Family made the trip to watch
Coach Mom and Bubba...this poor kid has to deal with me as his coach for many more years to come.


My beloved Cowboys fell to the Packers...of all the teams, the Packers...I am surrounded by Packer fans and to have to hear about this over and over....ugghhh...I am still in shock they lost..


I have been filming workout videos for my facebook group.  I have been having fun with putting the workouts together.  They are by no means professional videos and there is a lot of heavy breathing but at least they can feel that they are working out with me.

And the last LOW but it is kind of a HIGH too....

We got some ice last night which coated everything and is making travel dicey(low).  School was cancelled and I am not traveling in it and staying home with the boys(high)  If you are out and about please be careful!!!

What were some high points of your weekend???

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Well, look what the cat drug in....

I don't even have a fancy title for this post because I haven't been here in eons...basically I lost my mojo..I was going through some personal issues, hormonal issues, and I just didn't want to type or be on my computer for that matter.  After some work with my Integrative Health Doctor I am back and better than ever!  So you will see me popping in here more and more with workouts and recipes and family and whatever else I want to post.  Thanks for following along.


Monday, May 16, 2016

Get ready for a photo/blog overload...

I have gotten so far behind here so I am doing a post a day to recap everything that has been going on...I will not waste anymore time.....both boys, Coach Mom, and Coach dad finished up soccer, and we are fully into baseball.

Bubba has had quite  few games so far with his USSSA team, and both boys are getting ready to start up his town league.  

 Bubba enjoyed his track and field day at the school. 

 Funny story on this picture below.  Another classmates mother and I are notorious for being slightly competitive so when it comes to parents vs kids tug of war there really is no mercy.  It has happened more than once, all the other parents let their child's class win...not us...we don't lose....#sorrynotsorry FYI, it is not easy to defeat those kids, my hands were burned from pulling so hard.
 I'll stop there for this recap...I have 1000's of pictures from soccer games and baseball to upload to Facebook.  

Have a great day!

Tomorrows recap...Mother's Day!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Photo Dump

Big E and his book from school..."mom, it's the pioneer lady that you love"

Mom is the most comfortable place to rest

We went out for dinner with my sister's family and the in laws to celebrate my birthday

Mom got a selfie stick for her birthday from the mother in law....watch out!!!

Big E goes to all of Bubba's practices so when he can, he is out there practicing with them...with his hat backwards, he thinks he is pretty tough!
After baseball we headed to basketball skills camp with Bubba....
We were spent come Sunday night and were all showered and cashed out pretty early....Soccer games, baseball practices, and Basic Skills testing are on the agenda for the week.

What does your week look like?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A long-winded Easter Recap..

I have really got to get my act together and blog more frequently, to document our lives that seem to be just flying by....what better time to get back in the saddle then highlighting our Easter week/weekend.  The boys and I started our Easter break on Tuesday when they got out of school early for the week.  We had our first soccer practice that night, as the others were cancelled, and the weather was pretty nice.


The boys and I ventured out to the movie Zootopia.  We all enjoyed it! After running a few errands after the movie we enjoyed a few hours hanging out and playing in the fort.

Later that night I headed into work for a special event, while the boys attended Wednesday night church.

For the morning it was just Big E and I as Bubba had headed to the cousins house for sleepover after church.  Once e picked up Bubba from the cousins we headed to the dentist for Big E's 6 month checkup and cleaning.  Proud to say it was a NO CAVITIES visit!!!!

We then hustled off to drop Bubba off at a friends birthday party.  Big E and I then spent the afternoon together.

Friday is when things started to pick up.  We are elbow deep(literally) in the calving season,  While some of the calves are born and easily learn to eat, others struggle, that is when we step in and help. The boys and I spent most of Friday doing just that.  I held onto the calf while we tried to get the mom to follow us...an angry mother cow, a big calf, means fast driving by grandpa and mom getting thrashed around in the back of the ranger.  

We got them in the barn and after two days "Bandit" learned to suck on his own. Thank goodness.  That night we headed out to a friends house for some pizza and basketball.

Saturday was spent prepping some food for Easter, feeding Bandit, and visiting the Easter Bunny and scavenging for Easter Eggs.

 Our family from Wisconsin was visiting so we decided to have one big egg decorating party at the nursing home so Grandma/Great Grandma could watch and we could visit.
 After and early morning at church for the Easter Service we hosted a family brunch at our house.  So much good food.

The boys got a trampoline for Easter, since ours was destroyed in a storm last year, and spent the whole day out there(even if it was a bit chilly). We then headed into the Fireman's family Easter...again so much good food

Disclaimer: This paragraph gets a little gross...read at your own discretion.

We headed home to help Grandpa move some cows.  Little did we know that the night would get pretty interesting.  The Fireman and I went out to check on some cattle and noticed something wasn't right with one of the cows. We got her rounded up and in the pen so the vet could come and check it out.  The vet arrived, and the cow was in labor but the calf was not fully formed so the cow was pushing the insides of the calf out.  He couldn't deliver manually so they needed to do a C-Section.  I am pretty sqeamish around blood and guts and stuff but I watched the whole procedure and took pictures.  The chest cavity never formed in the calf so the insides were out of the body.  Are you grossed out yet...I won't post pictures, but it was one of the most interesting things I have watched.  

It was a pretty late night and it was so nice to have one more day of Easter Break on Monday to recover, which actually meant, getting more cows and calves rounded up and in the pen.  

It is now Wednesday night and we have had our first two soccer game of the year.  Both boys did a great job.  The weather cooperated and was pretty decent.

Last pictures I promise...
                           Temperatures were nice on Monday and these two were loving it.....

Sorry for the long winded post but I wanted to make sure I covered everything. See you later!