Dam to Dam....It's almost go time, and some exciting news..

There are 18 hours and 24 minutes till
My first half marathon of the year....I feel good, I feel ready, I feel nervous.  Just typing about it now makes my stomach get all riled up....like little butterflies fluttering around spasticly
I am heading up tonight and meeting my mom and sisters. We decided to make this a girl's shopping weekend too! My aunt lives in Des Moines, so we are all having a sleepover tonight....tomorrow morning I wake up bright and early for my 7a.m. race, done by 9, 8:45, since my goal is 1:45 minutes  some shopping with the ladies will finish out the afternoon.  Really looking forward to everything...

There have been no workouts posted due to focusing on the half marathon, but don't worry, next week I will be back in full force, gonna take some time off from heavy distance running and focus on strength and leaning out...posts to follow for sure!  

And in some really exciting news for me, I am now offering online Personal Training, I had a few people request some workouts and it just kind of evolved into incorporating it on the blog...I can't wait.  Looking forward to the people I meet through this and the challenges.  
I hate the part in my bangs...blech, but I needed a new business card and I needed it quick, so this has to do...thanks Brook for putting it together for me on such short notice!

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