Embracing the gym and your kids

I wasn't going to post on this but it has been nagging at me all day...and I don't know if I will be able to accurately put into words what it is I want to say exactly.  It all started when I was asked to read a blog post and to "let me know your feelings"....I read it, I acknowledged it, and was offended by it. 
To summarize the post...a woman embracing her body after children ....which is totally fine.  I have two kids, things aren't where they used to be, and I am embracing that and will be forever grateful to my body for my two boys..but her comments insinuating that if you spend an hour at a gym instead of cuddling your kid for an hour meant that I was not embracing motherhood simply went too far...and that we should embrace our bodies and fill them with love and blah, blah, blah...she had already lost me after that ...

Preface...when the hubs and I were "having the do we want to have a baby now talk" we both decided that we did and we knew it would be sacrificing a lot, but we also knew that we needed to be able to pursue our passions....mine..fitness,yoga,health....his...hunting,fitness, etc......and to allow each other those opportunities.  Two kids later, and that decision still stays....and it works wonderfully. 


Even as parents we are still individuals and need to be independent of our children, for our own sanity....I need to workout, it is my passion, it makes me feel good,when momma feels good about herself  it makes me a better mom..better to handle stresses life throws at us, being in shape allows me to be able to chase after my children:) I don't see taking an hour a day as neglecting my children..I work out at 5:30a.m. in the morning or at night after they go to sleep...if I need to work out during the day, they work out with me...I can make time for me and still be a good mom to my children...I want being healthy to be an integral part of their lives and when they see their father and I working out, it will make them want to to...and it does...see it on YouTube(theWetjck)

 I just had to vent a little bit....but I know what kind of mother I am, and how juggling fitness and motherhood can be tricky but we make it work..

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