My First Giveaway....

Okay, I have been blogging for over a year and have not done a giveaway, how cool am I...but seriously, I have just really started focusing on my blogging and am really loving all aspects of it, ESPECIALLY the people I have met "virtually"...they have been so supportive, awesome, welcoming...and I want to show some love by giving stuff away.  

Ever since, Janeetha at Meals and Moves wrote her post on Norwex Body/Face Cloths and their FABULOUSNESS, and I commented that I sell it should anybody want one, I have gotten quite a few customers from it.....and why shouldn't they buy it, the product is amazing...non-toxic, easy to use....and thus a giveaway was born!
About Norwex
Norwex is committed to radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health. More than ever we feel the need to emphasize the positive environmental impact of reducing chemical use.
During the past several hundred years, human activity has significantly altered our global environment, and the negative effects of this are becoming alarmingly clear. No longer can we ignore the warning signs from nature. This trend can be changed if we all work together and take honest responsibility for our planet. It is a fact, household pollutants impact our environment. A radical reduction in the use of chemicals is an important step to improve the health of our planet and our quality of life.

The Giveaway:

  • EnviroCloth:  Multipurpose cloth that is good for EVERYTHING.  Can use wet or dry. I have one for my bathrooms, the kitchen, the car, and windows. 
  • Window/Polishing cloth:  For mirrors, windows, glass, jewelry. On my windows,   I use this in conjunction with the damp enviro cloth first and then dry/polish with this cloth. My windows are streak free!
  • Dusting mitt:  I use this for all dusting purposes(screens, furniture, cars) and living on a gravel road, everything needs dusting...all the time...and it drives me bonkers...
  • Body Pack:  (Set of 3) Awesome for exfoliating the face, and clearing off any makeup and washing your body...I use these, my kids use these, we all use these!!!


3 ways to enter:

1.  Tweet....I want to win some @Norwex goodies from @cswfityoga for her 1st giveaway!

Comment below telling me you did it.

2. Leave a comment here telling me what your face care regimen is.

Not too hard.....or too lengthy!  The winner will be announced Friday, June 15th!

Thanks everyone!

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