Why I don't get to go to the #crossfit games with GNC

For starters, I am an idiot and my lack of time management skills at night astounds me....or my inability to read slowly and correctly bit me in the ass again...

As some of you know, I have really gotten in to #crossfit workouts......in short, I love them, I love the power I feel while doing them, I love the exhaustion that comes with some all of them, and I love the power...oh wait, I said that already (power hungry evidently) with #crossfit I have found another workout that really tests my abilities...and GNC and FitFluential were holding a twitter chat about the #crossfit games in California...and 4 lucky people were going to get the opportunity to win tickets...I had it in my calendar, I was ready, I had the #hashtag ready....and I had the wrong time...hubby and I were getting things ready for the 4th of July bash we are having and I thought I had plenty of time..because....I saw 9 p.m. on the blog but, in reality it was 8 pm CENTRAL time....

So, to say the least, I am heartbroken, a shell of the #crossfit woman I used to be....I will continue on with my #crossfit workouts, supplementing them with #GNCgenetixHD line and try  to enjoy the muscles and leanness each are providing me..... (see, this is why I should be on the stage, my dramatics are impeccable)

In reality the chances of me winning those tickets were pretty slim to none, but I at least wanted to give myself the chance....so I guess I will be watching them from my couch, with the hubby, like last year...which isn't all that bad I guess:)

Do you watch the crossfit games?  Those girls are machines~and the boys too!

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