A Hole in One and vlogging....

No I didn't get a Hole in One, but the guy I was golfing with did and it was awesome. One hopper right into the hole! I will probably never ever see that happen again...I am still in shock about it...

Our weekend in pictures top to bottom...playing at Grandma and Grandpas with the cousins....watching the Olympic Equestrian competition (he was mesmerized, you can tell we love horses)...golf tourney pictures...Tim, the guy in the black shirt sunk the hole in one....the hubs and I golfing, waiting out the torrential rain and tsunami wind in the clubhouse with no electricity (the weather turned out great), and the beautiful girls I had the pleasure of golfing with!

Also, not to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!!! I won these shoes for longest drive!! Woohoo, lifting is paying off baby!!!

In case you haven't subscribed to my videos on my YouTube channel, here are my Vlog posts for the VEDA challenge of vlogging everyday in August....
Vlog #1(talking nonsense)
Vlog #2(more nonsense)
Vlog #3(dark closet)
Vlog #4 (WOD)
Vlog #5 (cow moving...absolutely riveting)
Vlog #5 continued (the cow moving saga continued)
Vlog #5 the Farming Conclusion

Did you have a busy weekend?  Due to the high winds we will be scraping our pool off our trampoline...and will be giving the insurance man a call...

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