Deep thoughts by Casey....

I was looking back at my posts.....

and it struck me.....
no wonder I have hardly any readers, my posts are so boring......

I workout, I work, I eat, I come home, I play with the kids, I workout, and I go to sleep.  Occasionally we will have the night out,  but we don't travel, except to visit my parents

I get nervous flying

 I am a homebody,we have two kids...who I would rather be with then away from

I have lost you already haven't I....

So what's the point I am trying to make....Admiration...for so many of these bloggers that I have come to know and their ability to write such brilliant posts, and write so eloquently or have so much insight to tell.  I don't. have that ability.....I am not a deep thinker, I cannot just randomly write because the words just become a mumbled mess of things and I ramble on and on<----case in point...

And I am okay with that

Maybe my posts won't be "retweeted" or mentioned in a "blogs of the week" post on another blog because of their thought provoking insights, or their lessons on life, but I am going to continue to show what I do best....being a fitness "freak" "inspiration", being a full time employee, and a full-time mommy!  So a big THANK YOU to those who do read, and comment on my blog......."YOU complete me" (name that movie)

So, in keeping up with my are my workouts and eats for yesterday!
Breakfast: Isagenix IsaPro Shake...was in a hurry and these are easy to go
Snack: Was a little munchy so I made myself a sliced pear, sunbutter, and granola snack to tide me over till lunch
Dinner: Big E and I were on our own again while the big boys were at football.  Eggs, Nutritional Yeast and Salsa for us...

Of course, I start my day off with some GNC Prosculpt/Fruit is my go to again and again!
Bootcamp (forgot my beloved Polar watch)
Arms Strength Workout(sore the next day so it was a good one)
I did not get a run in..supposed to do a 40 minute tempo run..might try tonight after Big E is in bed and the boys are at the High School Football Game..
I am debating between these two shoes.....which do you like
Mizuno Wave Elixirs                      

Besides my Merrell barefoot, Mizuno's are my go to running shoes..they just make me feel like I am floating running faster than I really am! 

Whew..that was a long post....when you comment
1.  Name that movie quote
2. Which shoe?

Have a great weekend!

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