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Since K-hubs was away on vacation a work trip in Dallas, my 5:30a.m. bootcamp class had to be put on hold

and since I have two sleeping babies at home... 

and my sister would not wake up at 4:45a.m to come over and watch them while I went to class...

how rude....

I still woke up at the same time to stay in the groove and did these three workouts


1 egg
1 egg white
spinach, red peppers, diced onions
side of blueberries 
topped with nutrtitional yeast
Coffee with Silk Light Vanilla Soy Milk ,my first time trying it and I really liked it
Veggie Salad with grilled chicken breast and sweet potato

Grilled Caprese Panini
 Multigrain Flatout
1 slice of Mozzarella
Turkey Breast
Few sprigs of basil
Grilled Avocado(so creamy, so good) on the side
While the big boys were at football practice, Big E and I monkeyed around outside
relishing these last few days of summer....
Bo(our white lab) ignored the boundaries of Big E's personal space...

I love fall but also love being outside with the boys after work.....

in short sleeves..and shorts

not ready for snowpants and snowboots

What is your favorite season?

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