Handstand Pushups and Soft Hands

I could get used to this "vacation" work week...it is already Wednesday, and that means my Friday is tomorrow....you see, K-hubs and I are whisking away to Chicago for the weekend.  A friend of ours is getting married and we are making the trip sans kids.  I am what would you call a Chicago "virgin"....  I have played there for college basketball and volleyball tournaments/games but never got to "explore" the town....so to say I am excited is an understatement.  The boys will be spending the weekend with their grandma and grandpa and cousins....and they are excited.
 I enjoyed........

Breakfast: Are you sick of seeing 2 ingredient pancakes? It is like eating banana bread every morning, and so easy to make...

Lunch: fast and portable..Kashi Go Lean Cereal heated like oatmeal, and an apple

Supper: Pork Roast with carrots, roasted broccoli ( I love the crock-pot, set it and forget it..until you are ready)

Post Workout:

 Tonight's workout...I am going to feel it tomorrow
 I did handstand pushups, but modified also(see video below)
Toes to bar- brutal and I am keeping it real by saying I was swinging my legs to get them up there
KB Swings- Used 30lb dumbbells
Pull-Ups- Did as many as I could, then did 10 negative, 10 assisted until finished
800m run was at 8.0 mph


 Blisters/Callouses from the bar

Handstand Video

Do you do handstand pushups? I thought the modified was harder than the wall handstand pushups!

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