Keep away from mom

I have three children.

B is 5 and the Big E is 21 months old

the other is my 33 year old man-child of a husband :)

last night, the boys thought it was fun to play let's keep the football away from mom

I kept thinking.....

is this a precursor for backyard football games to come...

MOM vs The Boys

well you know what boys...bring it,  cause momma is ready

Bootcamp and Yoga
(Big E and his cheese face, doesn't care if I am sweaty)

I have been loving the Kahlua coffee(Thanks Sonya for the tip)
Nikki's Honey Pecan Coconut Butter..if eating this stuff with a spoon is wrong, I don't want to be right.....

We enjoyed some pizza from our local pizza joint here in town...and loved every bite of it!

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