We voted....

and I won't post on here who I voted for or why,

because honestly...

I am not a politics person or follower....gasp...

but I do know what I believe in and which candidate I thought would best accomplish or work towards what hopefully would be the best situation for this great nation....

because really, it is all in God's hands anyways, and I am putting my trust in that

and I will leave it at that....


So yesterday I decided to do a oldie but a goodie treadmill workout "the never let your son pick the numbers treadmill interval run

I am working out from home due to no bootcamp for a couple of days while Kyle tries to fill his deer tag(that's hunting talk for shoot a big buck)

but I am waking up at the same time and getting my workout done so my routine stays consistent as do my workouts....

Chia Seeds
1 egg white, 1 egg scrambled
Beef Tenderloin
and I went back to the kitchen to get a chocolate chip cookie....


Loving my Kombucha



My new neice Landry, her mommy sends me pictures, and I just want to squeeze and cuddle her NOW!!!

 Big E thought he could fit in the pan...
Keep dreaming sweetie, I don't think you would of fit in there as a newborn
Your momma grows em' big

And for some Yoga, on instagram(cswfityoga) I participate in a monthly #yogaaday picture with growsoulbeautiful and we post pictures of a yoga pose each day....I am behind and gradually catching up but here is #yogaaday6

If you don't follow me on instagram, you should, I am wickedly entertaining, a brilliant photographer, and obviously full of crap!!! But I do post workouts, pictures of family, food, and whatever else trips my trigger. 

Do you like Kombucha?  I get a case of each flavor and love everyone. 

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