A little Holiday Hustle

We all know I utilize nap time on the weekends for workout time(if I don't get one in early),
and they have to be quick
because I have a kid who actually thrives on little sleep during the day (12 hours at night sleeper though)

Since I had family in this weekend, and their bedroom is in the basement(where I workout) and I don't want to wake them up with my grunting, and breathing..so I got my "holiday hustle" workout in while the little one napped....and it was a doozey!

 I have also been participating in some yoga challenges this month on instagram (cswfityoga), some of the poses are really forcing me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge me, which I love!
 (Big E's face is priceless...asking dad "what in the heck is mom doing")


Yoga in pajamas...that's how I roll sometimes....

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