Facing my feelings...

My high school friend/blogger hit the nail on the head with her latest blog post

I cannot even begin to write as eloquently or phenomenally as she does so when she wrote her last peice, she is lucky I didn't just copy and paste the whole thing onto my blog:) 

Facing my Feelings:

I struggle with jealousy and envy

Per Britt:

"When a writer I admire receives praise and recognition, I immediately ask, “why not me?” I focus on all the ways that I am lacking, and I worry as I see the last scraps of opportunity be tossed at her feet. It doesn’t matter that I don’t believe opportunity is limited, because I am suddenly a starving beggar watching the last meal on Earth go to someone else."


 Good Grief, This is me on a daily basis...

I read numerous blogs and become aware of other fitness bloggers receiving opportunities to write for magazines, brand campaigns, and I ask "why not me" and like Britt said, I start to doubt my worth, doubt my blog, everything I have accomplished, and I absolutely hate that.  

Stupid self doubt.  Stupid envy..

Why do we always want more...it is not like I want the free stuff to try out, sure it is a nice perk but for me it is more about "being" 

being that person people go to for workout advice, being that person that has kick ass workouts that people love, making a difference I guess 

I am so grateful and humbled for the opportunities that this little blog of mine has given me already and I need to stay positive, know that I am carving out my own little niche in the fitness blogging world.  

Someday my small little blog will be making a big difference...you can count on that, and until then I will keep doing what I am doing, and loving every minute of it, and when jealousy and envy creep back in, I will give them a swift kick in the ass and count my blessings...


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