A mom's view: Fitting Workouts In

The majority of questions I get revolve around the "how do you find time to workout with 2 kids, and all their activities, and being a mom?"

My answer, I just do....scientific isn't it....but seriously I have about 4 things that I find are essential for getting my workouts in and for keeping this mom sane

1.  I became a morning exerciser.  5 am to be exact, Monday-Saturday.  This means I have 1 hour (till the hubby has to leave for work)  so I better make it count.  My workouts consist of at home workouts with Kyle, or taking classes at the rec center.  It is so nice to know that my workouts are done and that I don't have to worry about trying to get one in after work, after making supper, after getting the kids to bed..

2. I schedule my workouts.  I write down what my workouts are going to be for each day.  This way I know what to expect, how to prepare.  Of course sometimes things get off schedule, but we just roll with the punches. 

3. We incorporate workouts with our kids. We show our boys that working out can be fun.  You can see Bubba and I doing our trampoline workout here.  Sometimes when I am lifting weights, Bubba will hop on the treadmill, and Big E will lift his weights. We love being outside with our kids, gardening, taking walks, running to the park, running 5k's as a family, playing baseball, etc..we want have to be great role models for our kids.

4. Lastly, I utilize nap times if I don't get my workout in at 5 a.m.  Immediately when I put him down I start working out, even though I know there is laundry to be done, dishes to wash, etc.  I make me the priority at that point and workout.  It might be a 20 minute workout or it might be an hour workout(depending on the sleeper) but a workout is a workout!

So, there are my mommy tips for fitting exercise in.

Question of the Day? 

How do you fit your workouts in with kids?

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